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Over 150,000 Quality Cars Advertised Weekly From Car Auctions Throughout Japan Nationwide. We Provide Free Access To All Our Members Via This Online Auction Link Below.


Ninja Auction Access

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Ninja Auction Access


If you really need to see cars from USS Auction group your going to need Ninja. This is an exclusive service for our premium members. There are alternatives if you do not have premium access so dont worry.


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Agent Fees

How Much Are Your Agent Fee Or FOB Charges


Agent fees or FOB fees are a frustrating entity as they are simply negotiable upon application and based upon an agent by agent basis. Some agents charge more and others less. Some will ask for tax (you dont have to pay tax) and others will want the kitchen sink as well. In some cases what should be a simple invoice turns out to include a full smorgasbord of unknowns. It does not need to be that tricky.


Keeping It Simple

We have a set of base fees which are calculated upon the price and volume of vehicles that you intend to buy. We include all costs required within that fee so you get one simple invoice with an FOB fee or CIF fee if you want shipping included.



For example if you were to buy 8 cars within a month at the value of say 500,000 JPY per car the FOB fee would be 70,000 JPY for everything ex Japan. That's how simple it can be. And you don't pay tax here in Japan.

* Note that there is a 10,000 JPY yen fee for transport from the auctions. 95% of auctions in Japan are covered within this but please contact us below for more information regarding this*


We Speak English And We Can Help


Reach out to us for online support or personal assistance if you are contemplating buying any car from Japan if the agent is not disclosing their fee structure. We will not contact them on your behalf sadly but we will provide a simple and transparent fee structure for you that will allow you the confidence to buy cars in Japan with peace of mind.


Reach Out To Us


We offer free support until you are prepared to make that step to buy your first car in Japan. Maybe you simply want a couple of translations or to check the car auction to see what its like. This we can help you with no problem. However you need to make that first step and contact us here Or via Whatsapp on +81-90-5400-6384


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