About This Website
There are many automotive websites out there on the big old internet offering all sorts of products and services without really saying to much at all or supplying any real interaction between you the end user/customer and us the supplier. 

Most of these automotive websites are streaming out from Japan as this is the hot spot for used cars currently. We in some ways are part of this trend but we have ramped thing up by offering a fully interactive auto website for our users.

On this website you can interact directly with us and other users also via our many available options on the site. Check our list of features here.

  • Chat Room
  • Car Auction Access
  • Photo Albums
  • Video Uploads
  • Auto Forum
  • Car Auction dates
  • Articles & Blogs
  • Advanced Activity Page
  • Your Personal Page
  • Car Advertising
  • Events
  • And More

When browsing the pages you can click on the red + button on the bottom right corner of any page that will bring up an extended menu option like you can see below. From here you can navigate to one or more of the many available options on the website.



Ultimately we are a used car automotive website that provides you with used or near new cars direct from Japan. We supply you with access to all auctions throughout Japan free from charge and offer our user friendly website to our customers.


"I have been using this website for some time now and have been enjoying all the aspects and interaction that's been provided."


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