About Shipping

About Shipping


There are two main methods of shipping vehicles from Japan with the first and foremost being RoRo and secondly container. Each have their own priority depending upon what style of vehicle requires shipping and to which country.


For example most landlocked countries require container shipping while others such as the UK or New Zealand do not. Damaged cars and smashed vehicles will also require containers while normal running vehicles do not.


Shipping from Japan is easy and we basically do it all for you from the moment you get in touch with us. Once we know where you are and what you require its all quite simple.


Many people have asked shipping questions and you can also find answers here.


Basic Steps To Shipping Cars From Japan


  • Select us as your auction agent
  • Join our online car auction access here
  • Pay your deposit to get started
  • Start searching for cars via the auction site
  • We will translate the auction sheets
  • Discuss a buying strategy with us
  • We bid for you
  • Invoice is sent to you
  • We book shipping to your country from Japan
  • You prepare for the vehicles arrival
  • We prepare the export certificate and BOL
  • Documents sent to you prior to ships arrival
  • You receive arrival notice
  • Collect car with provided paperwork


There Is Nothing Difficult And We Help Along The Way


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