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Finding your new car from Japan has never been easier now that you are using our professional automotive buying service directly. We have been supplying top quality used cars globally since 2008 and have the skills and infrastructure to assist you importing your car from Japan today.

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Best Options For You

Best Options For You

We are your 1 stop car import shop. Japans Car Man provides the complete logistic service from Japan to your door. We make importing cars easy. Check out our services here and learn how we can make your car purchase from Japan a breeze. We cater to Car Dealers and Private Buyers, so give us a shot today.

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On Mobile

I am on mobile 24/7 unless I am asleep or dead. Reach out to me in Japan anytime from to and I will reply. 0081-90-5400-6384 or email [email protected]

Auction Access

From Kyushu to Sapporo and in between we can provide you with access to every car auction within Japan including all of USS Japan and other auction houses.

Information & Details

Are you needing more information from your auction agent or man in Japan who buys for you? This is often the case as many agents are quite secretive and dont share. We will supply you with all the information you require.

Agent Fees & More

Our agent fees for buying any car are among the best in Japan. We dont scrimp on service and our fees represent fabulous value for the service we provide. Come on in and check out our car buying fee structure.

Security & Information

Any information you share with us will remain firmly within the confines of our company. We do not share any information such as invoice details with customs on any side of the ocean either here in Japan or on your side.

We Export From All Ports

Because we have access to all auctions throughout Japan this also requires us to have the ability to ship from all major ports in Japan. We dont have to move your car so far to ship it, this saving you transport costs.

USS Ninja & Pictures

In collaboration with our sister company here in Japan we can offer you USS Ninja which supplies you with all pictures and data in real time from USS Japan and all of their associated auction houses. This service is free to our members.

Best Automotive Website

This is the best automotive website in Japan for interaction with your auction agent and vehicle supplier. We are dedicated to you and you alone once you are part of our online members group. Applying may take up to 24 hours but its worth the wait.

Eye Catching Features

Our service is eye-catching and mouth watering. We love cars and we love to buy them for our customers, friends and members. If you want a car from Japan start first with Japans Car Man.

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I am sure that you came to this website to obtain professional information on how to buy cars from Japan. This I will provide you with as you ask. However, if you simply want to look at some car auctions and get your feet wet from the get-go check out this link.